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UNWTO’s technical assistance to Member States is based on the principles of sustainability, poverty alleviation through tourism, quality of products and services, and, involvement  and ownership of all stakeholders in the tourism process.

UNWTO has provided its technical assistance on a variety of subjects such as:

  •     preparation of national and regional Tourism Development Master Plans;
  •     community-based tourism; rural tourism; ecotourism;
  •     conceptual land use plans, physical development plans, architectural design concepts and, landscape plans;
  •     human resource development; marketing and promotional strategies; tourism legislation and regulation;
  •     information technology;
  •     hotel classification systems;
  •     standardization in tourism services;
  •     tourism satellite account; and,
  •     stimulation and promotion of public-private sector partnerships.

There is no doubt that each of UNWTO’s technical assistance missions or projects provides a tourism professional with the opportunity to provide his/her experience in developing tourism in any country of the world in an exciting and challenging manner.

Given the diversity of the tourism industry and the tremendous range of tourism products and markets, no two assignments are ever similar.  It is pertinent to mention that UNWTO has an excellent  reputation with regard to its technical assistance and this is because quality is, and always will be, the hallmark of our success.  We expect and demand our consultants to go the extra mile and to exceed and further refine their professional capacities with each assignment.  

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